Meet Our Team

Boutique Aesthetic Spa & Body Contouring Specialist located in Santa Monica, CA

image of Dr. Kothakota

Dr. Bharat Kothakota

Dr. Bharat Kothakota is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician. A native of Washington, DC, Doctor K (as he is frequently known) returned to the east coast to attend medical school at Howard University after completing his undergraduate study at Washington University in St Louis. Following med school, he completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Lincoln Medical Center in the South Bronx before moving to Los Angeles.

Prior to becoming the medical director at Self Care LA, Doctor K was the medical director at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles. As a balance to the fast pace of the ER, Doctor K decided to start a career in medical aesthetics because his wife said to him one day “can you do my Botox for me?” Subsequently, she became his first patient nearly 4 years ago and that kicked off Doctor K’s aesthetics career. Since then, he’s performed hundreds of procedures and spent countless hours perfecting his craft in medical aesthetics.

Doctor K is also the assistant medical director at Sollis, a concierge ER in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

Fun facts about Doctor K:
▪️He’s a watch, sneaker and car enthusiast – don’t be surprised to see him sporting his sneaker collection at Self Care LA!
▪️Prior to going to med school, he was a consultant for Accenture and worked at the Pentagon.
▪️Doctor K also has a Master’s in Public Health and spent a semester in Kenya working on a vaccination program.
▪️He lives in Santa Monica, as a fellow neighbor, being an owner of a small business in the same town he lives in was important.
▪️In his spare time, Doctor K likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and spend time at Leo Carillo Beach with his dog Baxter. You’ll also find him at many of the restaurants on Montana Avenue!
image of Natalie

Natalie Robles DMsc, 

Natalie Robles is a San Francisco Bay native, who received her Bachelor of Science degrees in Microbiology & Chemistry from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. During her undergrad years, Natalie volunteered over 2000 hours at a local hospital and began working as an EMT. This led her to earning a Master’s degree of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Touro University Nevada. She also has a Doctorate of Medical Sciences, as a Physician Assistant through the University of Lynchburg, Virginia in 2019.

Here at Self Care LA Natalie is a robust resource of knowledge, clinical experience, and creativity for our patients by using her high level of critical thinking in a conscientious and sensitive manner to formulate customized treatment plans that maximize results. She’s here to support each patient through his or her own unique transformation journey with compassion and empathy.

Fun facts about Natalie:

▪️She has a Black belt in Judo and used to compete nationally
▪️Self-proclaimed science nerd since the 6th grade
▪️She LOVES her dogs
▪️Has a profound weakness for Nutella

Image of Nahal

Nahal Sahelimoghavami, PA-C

Nahal Sahelimoghavami is a board-certified Physician Assistant who received her degree from Loma Linda University in 2017; she has been working in Emergency Medicine for the past 4 years. Nahal has always been passionate about delicate procedures, skin repair, and tailoring her skills to each client’s best interest which led her to train in aesthetic medicine. She enjoys listening to the client’s concerns and wishes and provides them with a custom-tailored treatment plan.

Some fun facts about Nahal:

▪️She loves to travel
▪️She loves fashion, especially purses and shoes
▪️Aspires to be a race car driver one day, specifically racing a Porsche or Aston Martin
▪️Nahal is a cat-mom, and can never get enough cuddling with Leo
▪️Foodie at heart, love the three S’s: Spicy, Sour, Salty
Image of Marine

Marine Maldonado

Marine Maldonado is the glue that keeps Self Care LA together. She’s the friendly voice on the phone and the welcoming face when you enter. As a native Angeleno, Marine is deeply committed to helping people achieve their desired aesthetic goals – her favorite thing is to see patient’s emotional reactions to their procedures. That happy and emotional reaction warms her heart.

Fun facts about Marine:

▪️She loves sports, even played soccer during middle school and high school
▪️Loves to travel
▪️LOVES dogs (love for animals is a theme at Self Care LA!)
▪️Her favorite movie is The Notebook