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Clear + Brilliant® is a preventive laser skin treatment that slows the development of age-related skin features. At Self Care LA in Santa Monica, California, Bharat Kothakota, MD, MPH, plans and customizes your laser treatments to target scars, elasticity, spots, and damages. To schedule your consultation, call Self Care LA or book an appointment online today.

Clear + Brilliant Q & A

How much is Clear and Brilliant?  

  • The cost of Clear and Brilliant for the face starts at $450 for a single session. The cost will adjust accordingly to whether we treat additional areas like the neck or the decolletage area.  

How much does Clear and Brilliant cost? 

  • See above 

Does Clear and Brilliant tighten skin? 

  • Clear and brilliant is not designed or used to tighten the skin. Clear and Brilliant and Lumecca IPL can both stimulate collagen growth, and IPL can cause some skin tightening. However, Morpheus 8 is considered the gold standard when it comes to tightening the skin around the face and neck.  

Is Clear and Brilliant worth it? 

  • Absolutely. You will start seeing the results from Clear and Brilliant about a week after your treatment. However, the best results are about one month after. The best results typically come in a series of 4, spaced one month apart. Then the client came to start a maintenance regimen of 1-2 sessions per year.  
  • Unlike other lasers, Clear and Brilliant can be used all year. Continued sun exposure won’t cause any issues. However, we still encourage sun protection.  
  • Clear and Brilliant has an excellent track record and is very popular at our practice. It has an 85% approval rating on the real self.  

Can Clear and Brilliant cause hyperpigmentation? 

  • Any laser is prone to causing hyperpigmentation. This is usually due to new sun exposure after the procedure or because the medical provider did not use the appropriate settings on the device.  
  • The key to reducing issues like this is to be diligent with your sun protection and to trust a medical provider that has extensive knowledge and can select the appropriate settings for your Clear and Brilliant treatment.  

What is Clear and Brilliant? 

  • Clear and Brilliant is often referred to as a ‘baby’ or ‘mini’ Fraxel laser. The fractional laser treats a targeted portion of the skin while sparing the rest. It creates small thermal injuries on the top layers of skin, which results in new, fresh skin.  
  • While a Fraxel laser removes up to 40% of the skin surface, Clear and Brilliant removes about 20% of the skin’s surface. This means reduced pain and downtime while still providing amazing results.  
  • It is an FDA-cleared device that can target fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and pore size, and can treat melasma.  

What is the difference between Clear and Brilliant and a Fraxel laser? 

  • While a Fraxel laser removes up to 40% of the skin surface, Clear and Brilliant removes about 20% of the skin’s surface. This means reduced pain and downtime while still providing amazing results. 

Can Clear and Brilliant make melasma worse? 

  • Clear and Brilliant is an excellent device to treat pigmentation problems like melasma. However, Clear and Brilliant is not designed to treat vascular lesions like rosacea or telangiectasias.  

What is the difference between the Original handpiece vs the Permea Handpiece?  

  • The Permea handpiece is designed to increase skin permeability, which can help topical products permeate deeper. This is ideal when combined with microneedling/PRP and when treating conditions like melasma and hyperpigmentation.  

Am I a candidate for Clear and Brilliant? 

  • Clear and brilliant is safe for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6) and is great for those looking to treat any signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, and pigmentation issues 
  • If you are using retinoid products, it would be best to stop that product 1 week before your procedure. 

Is there downtime to Clear and Brilliant? 

  • There is minimal to no downtime to Clear and Brilliant. Your skin will appear somewhat red right after the procedure and typically resolves in a day. 
  • You will notice some flaking of the skin, but it will not be peeling of the skin 
  • To prevent hyperpigmentation, you need to avoid direct sun exposure and use SPF diligently.  
  • You will need to avoid makeup and workouts for the first 1-2 days as your skin is sensitive.  

How quickly will I see results with Clear and Brilliant? 

  • Very often, I find my clients seeing results as early as one week after the procedure. But the 1-month mark is the ideal time to see the results of a single C+B treatment.  
  • Clear and Brilliant works best in a series, with maintenance sessions. Our medical team can custom-create a plan that works best for you.  
  • Clear and Brilliant can address many issues, but alone is not a one-stop solution for facial rejuvenation. The treatment is not a substitute for botox and fillers but is part of a treatment regimen that can help make you look younger.