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Lumecca by InMode® is an intense pulsed light procedure that diminishes dark spots, spider veins, and acne. At Self Care LA, aesthetic medicine specialist Bharat Kothakota, MD, MPH, is the only provider on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California, to provide Lumecca IPL services. To schedule a treatment consultation, call Self Care LA or book an appointment online today.

Lumecca: IPL Q & A

Does Intense Pulse Light Work? 

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices penetrate all layers of the skin without causing damage. They were originally used to treat telangiectasias or spider veins. However, the technology has evolved into a ‘photorejuvenation’ treatment. 
  • The technology of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) has been around for a while. The results are dramatic and well-studied. The Lumecca IPL is considered the gold standard of IPL devices.  
  • As the light pulses heat the skin's surface, pigmented spots are pulled to the surface. Pigmented lesions will darken and flake off over the next few days. Once heated up, vascular lesions will start to darken and then flake off.  
  • IPLs also stimulate collagen product, so it will help improve pore size and will make your skin firmer and smoother. For true skin tightening, we recommend radiofrequency devices such as Morpheus8 or Evolve X.  

What does Intense Pulse Light do? 

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology was designed for skin rejuvenation. It specifically targets damage to the skin caused by age and sun exposure. We can use the IPL to treat spider veins, freckles, port-wine stains, and rosacea. When used by a trained medical professional, the applications are far and wide. 
  • While treating the face and neck is common, we can use IPLs on nearly any part of the body. Often the decolletage and hands are neglected and can be a tell-tale sign of skin damage and ageing. Thanks to IPL, these areas can be treated quite effectively.  

How much does Intense Pulse Light Cost? 

  • The cost of an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment can vary widely, depending on the specific lesion being treated, the coverage of the area being treated, and the number of treatments. While patients often see nearly immediate improvement, it often takes anywhere between 3-5 treatments spaced a month apart to achieve desired results.  

Is Intense Pulse Light Therapy Safe? 

  • Lumecca is an FDA-cleared device that is safe when there is careful patient selection and performed by a skilled medical professional.  
  • IPL devices are designed for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV. Melanin absorbs light energy, and therefore darker skin types (Fitzpatrick V and VI) can develop hyperpigmentation or burns from the procedure. 
  • If there is any doubt as to whether you would be a candidate for IPL, we can always perform a ‘patch test' on a non-visible area to see how the treatment would affect you.  
  • We at Self Care LA understand this is an elective, cosmetic procedure and would not risk you leaving worse off than when you came in. With that being said, we will always caution on the safer side of settings and adjust future sessions based on how you tolerate them.  
  • There is insufficient data to support whether IPL treatments are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.  

Is Intense Pulse Light Painful? 

  • IPL treatments are not painful and do not require topical anaesthetics. However, we can make the treatment much more comfortable by using cooled ultrasound gel during the treatment.  

Is there any downtime to Intense Pulse Light? 

  • Because IPLs do not injure the skin surface, there is no true downtime. Patients do experience some redness for a few hours but will resolve it that same day.  
  • Your skin will be red and sensitive for 1-2 days, like a sunburn.  
  • After the treatment, we do recommend steadfast sunscreen protection. We like to use products from Skinceuticals like the CE Ferulic to optimize results and reduce downtime.  
  • After a week or so, you can resume your topical retinoids and exfoliating products. Avoid anything irritating like wax or laser, or microdermabrasion for a few weeks. 
  • You'll need to avoid direct sunlight and protect yourself with sunscreen SPF 30 or higher for the next six weeks.  

Can Intense Pulse Light be combined with other treatments? 

  • IPLs like Lumecca can be combined with treatments like Morpheus for synergistic benefits. We can treat on the same day, but keep in mind the combination treatment can lengthen the downtime by a little.  
  • There is a benefit of alternating treatments with Clear and Brilliant. While Clear and Brilliant can address pigment issues, it also can address skin texture. However, I would stagger treatments by a month as they both cause controlled damage to the skin. 
  • The combination of Hydrafacials a Lumecca IPLs can provide really glowing and youthful skin. We do recommend these treatments be staggered by two weeks, though.  

Can IPL be used on all skin types?  

  • IPL devices are designed for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV. Melanin absorbs light energy, and therefore darker skin types (Fitzpatrick V and VI) can develop hyperpigmentation or burns from the procedure.  

How long does an IPL session take? 

  • Because there’s no numbing required, we can often complete a treatment session in under an hour.  

Do I need to prepare in advance for my IPL treatment? 

  • Because of the risk of hyperpigmentation, we do recommend a pre-treatment plan for all our patients.  
  • You cannot be actively tanned at the time of the procedure. We also recommend that you do not plan to tan actively after the procedure.  
  • We also recommend discontinuing retinoids at least six weeks before treatment. I strongly encourage my patients to take a close look at their facial products. Previously retinoids could only be obtained through a prescription. However, many facial products are being compounded over the counter with retinoids, and patients may not be aware of that before starting their IPL treatments.